Training & Development

One of our major efforts is to partner with the Human Resources departments of our best clients to help develop and train the Sales Management team on how to recruit, and make better hiring decisions.

It may seem counterintuitive for a recruiting firm to want you to have a lower sales team turnover. After all, we make money by placing candidates!

Why in the world would we do this??

At Focus Search, we believe that an educated client is the key to mutual success!

Our Revolutionary training seminars will encourage you to change your daily rhythm as a manager. Here are a few examples of material we will cover:
  • Recruiting your “DREAM” team
  • Unconventional ways to uncover top talent and build your candidate funnel
  • Role Play-practicing techniques with our trainers to help you grow your organization and become better interviewers
  • Developing a “What’s great about your company?” statement which will enable you to ‘ENTICE’ top tier talent.
  • The ‘On-Boarding’ process for new hires.

How do you get from day 1 to productivity and revenue growth?

Contact us and we will be happy to work with you to craft a custom training for your organization AND bring it to you!